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Soul Journey Equinox And More With Michael Garber

Get ready for Special Guest Michael Garber! He’s back with these amazing offerings at Bliss Private sessions available – Delve into the past to assist your higher self!

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Ganesha’s Trunk Show: Book A Yin Yang Polarity Balancing Session

You will not want to miss getting a mini session of Yin Yang Polarity Balancing This is a beautiful Polarity Balancing session that includes Reiki! Polarity Balancing is based on Ayurveda. In this session Sharon and Laura work in tandem to balance the 5 elements, 7 chakras, and 3 doshas. Amazing! The session ends with the loving energy of Reiki …

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Yin Yang – It Means So Much More Than Balance

Yin Yang – Yes notice we did not say Yin AND Yang. This is because Yin Yang are two opposite yet complementary energies. They are interdependent. Yin Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate. Just like your own energy is embodied in energetic frequencies of masculine / feminine, yin / yang, air / ether, fire / water, …

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