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Elizabeth Wants You To FEEL Bliss Better

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This is me thinking of all the ways in which I can support you on your journey to feel better being you!

I see clients for Integrative Massage where I can combine my training and skills in Cranio Sacral, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Hot Stone and reflexology. I also love using spa treatments to help clients feel better.

– Be Aligned With A Earth Star Spirit Massage

This is my signature session designed from 10 years of experience in working with clients.

It is said that the codification of marma points traveled out of India to China to form the science of acupuncture. The technology of marma points, accupoints, chakras and chi meld together is this session.

We will spend 15 minutes going over a series of questions that create bring to the surface a current emotional temperment along with a map of acu/marma point focus areas. Then we use select essential oils, acupressure and massage to support the emotional and physical body.

Clients have marveled at troubles melting away, tensions easing, lucid dreaming and eureka moments.

– Renew with An Ayurvedic Rejuvination Massage

Ayurveda utilizes the curative properties oils, herbs to improve health and relieve stress. Enjoy the benefits of the ancient science of Ayurveda in a modern setting. This session includes Abyanga (oils massage), Garshan (dry skin brushing), and a Mini Shirodhara (oil streaming down on the 3rd eye point and hot oil treatment on the hair). Clients love the feeling of deep relaxation offered by this treatment.

– Get In Tune With An Aromatherapy Consult

Need to know which essential oils and herbs might work for you. This session combines aromatherapy, ayurveda, and energy science to help you approach your body, your situation in a custom way so that it will work for you.

– Be Connected With This Private Meditation Package

This private session with Elizabeth is a pre-paid two session practice with text check ins over a agreed upon time. Covers meditation postures, techniques and practice. As Always Intuition is heightened during meditation. Prepare for deep and meaningful awareness, skills to help you find the meditation practice that is right for your temperament.

– Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consult

Interested in how the complex topic of Ayurveda could be simplified into some positive daily routines that reflect your dosha (temperament) as you move through the seasons? This combination session includes an Ayurvedic consultation with focus on your dosha. Based on what your are going through right now, the goals you have for the coming year, Elizabeth will teach you a mantra and go over some simple ayurvedic lifestyle ideas that are personalized to you as you move through the 4 seasons. This can include Yoga postures, food choices, breathe work, herbs and essential oils.