Massage at Bliss

We offer a comprehensive selection of massage treatments designed to relax and renew

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Yoga at Bliss

We host the most yoga classes in Morgantown and offer the biggest variety of yoga styles

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Energy & Bodywork At Bliss

We offer a comprehensive selection of Energy & Bodywork treatments designed to bring balance

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Workshops & Events at Bliss

We offer many workshops and classes designed with your wellness in mind

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Gift Shop at Bliss

Our shop has a beautiful selection of wellness products like candles, books, herbs, essential oils, yoga supplies, and local art.

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Gift Certificates at Bliss

The perfect gift of bodywork. Our Gift Certificates can be made for any amount. Clients can choose how they spend their gift.

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Community Support at Bliss

We support four Morgantown-area charities each year with our Friday Night 6pm Happy Hour Yoga Class

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At BlissBlissBliss Membership Massage and Yoga, we believe that energy and bodywork should be more than a once in a while treat. To us, touch is a fundamental component of wellness and our prices are designed to support you in getting frequent bodywork. We hope your mind-body benefits at BlissBlissBliss.

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Recent Articles From The Bliss Blog

We are passionate about wellness especially how it relates to the many forms of massage, meditation, yoga, energy and bodywork. Our blog posts are a way to share some of the information and knowledge we know can create bliss in your daily life. See our Blog page (link) for many more articles, posts and video clips.

Saraswati Mantra Oct. 7th

Mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are used to create transformation in the mind, and …

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Doodling away!

Let’s talk about doodling! Odds are already have some experience with doodling. Whether it’s sitting in a meeting, taking notes and …

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Polarity Balancing Weekend with Maruti! ~ Last chance for Discounts!

Join us for Maruti’s Polarity Balancing workshops! Maruti Seidman will be hosting Polarity Balancing workshops October 24-26th. These events are …

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Family Yoga for the Home-Schooled Community!

Basics, Breathing, and Balance – Family Yoga Class with Dani Glaeser In today’s world, it’s so easy to get disconnected …

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Yoga What!? -The 8 Limbs of Yoga

A great place to start understanding yoking is at the 8-Limbs of Yoga.  Imagine Yoga as a tree… with solid …

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Thai Yoga Massage… A different way to help the body release.

Mary Jo Shick is offering new Kula Thai Yoga Massage services tailored to your specific needs and wishes! Gentle Thai Yoga …

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