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People come to a Yoga class for many reasons, some like the exercise, others find that their yoga practice benefits their health conditions. Some like the stress relief and others come for the community or the connection with their spiritual side. No matter how much yoga you have experienced before, you will be welcomed.

Our classes are published on our website in a convenient class calendar format. You do need to register online before class and bring your own mat. When reading the class description, you will find out if other props are suggested. If a yoga class is not what you are looking for, we suggest a private session.

We also have online “zoom” classes that allow you to use your yoga pass. Those classes are also marked on our class calendar. Your teacher will send you a zoom link before class starts. The extra benefit of a bliss zoom class is that even if you cannot attend the class during class time, the recorded class video will be sent to you after class.

You can choose to pay the class drop in rate or purchase a yoga pass (passes are called series in our system and offer a discount based on pass size).

We do allow students to register with the drop in rate, buy a pass in studio before or after class and then use that instead of the drop in rate. We are not able to refund passes nor can they be shared between 2 or more people.

We do sell yoga supplies (mats, straps, blocks, blankets and bolsters) in our Bliss Shop and if you forget your mat at home, we are able to rent one to you to use during class.

Note: Due to COVID restrictions our class sizes are limited to a socially distanced set of 6 students. If you register for class and do not show up for class, your pass will be charged (sorry, no refunds).

See our Yoga Memberships & Pass Prices

Yoga Classes & Styles

We love that we offer yoga style variety as well as the studio experience. We have listed a “sampling” of just a few of our classes here. Click the + next to a yoga style to learn more. Stay current on our classes by visiting our online schedule. We do post daily on our  Facebook Page if a planned class is cancelled.

Reminder: We do require that you register to attend classes. You will need to bring at a minimum a yoga mat. Many students like to bring a block and yoga strap. Classes like Restorative or Yin will suggest that you bring a bolster and yoga blanket.  Register Online. We do offer props for sale in our Bliss Shop.

Candlelight Yin With Melita – Also Zoom Candlelight Yin
Long, Slow & Deep With Elizabeth
With Heidi
Good Morning Vinyasa – Also Zoom Yoga With Heidi
Hot Vinyasa With Melita or Kelly
Hatha Yoga With Nadia
Yoga For Beginners With Jessica
Gentle Yoga With Mary Angel
Zoom Yoga Nidra With Jessica

Private Yoga

We offer Private Yoga sessions, Yoga Therapy sessions, Private Yoga Packages, Couples Private Yoga and Yoga Parties.

Call us and tell us what you are looking for so that we can craft the perfect private session for you

Yoga Membership & Passes

ALL Memberships include:

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Unlimited Yoga Membership – $120.00 /mo.

  • Enjoy endless yoga at Bliss!
  • Only $7.50/ class if you come 4 times a week!
  • These do not apply to workshops
  • No cancellation fee
  • No refunds

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8-Pass Yoga Membership – $86 .00/mo. 

  • Keeps you motivated to stick with your practice
  • Perfect for Yogis who come twice a week!
  • Passes do expire, and do not roll over each month
  • These do not apply to workshops
  • No cancellation fee
  • No refunds

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Bliss Body Membership – $108/mo.
Get the best of Bliss with this Yoga & Massage Membership!

  • Maintains your healthy and happy body!
  • Get 1 Swedish/Reflexology/Pregnancy massage Benefit each month.
  • Get 4 Yoga Passes each month
  • Designed for 1 year of membership
  • Can be cancelled after 6 months
  • Passes do expire, and do not roll over each month
  • Benefits expire after 60 days from accrual
  • There is a cancellation fee of $50  if you cancel prior to 6 months
  • No refunds

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Yoga Passes

  • Passes can be used for ANY yoga class.
  • Purchasing Yoga Package saves you time and money.
  • Yoga Pass Packages expire after one year.
  • No auto-pay required.
20-Pass Package


  • Only $10 per class
10-Pass Package


  • Only $11.00 per class
5-Pass Package


  • Only $12.00 per class
1 Drop-In Pass


  • $15.00 per class

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Student Class Passes

20-Pass Package


  • Only $8 per class
10-Pass Package


  • Only $9 per class
5-Pass Package


  • Only $10.00 per class
1 Student Drop-In Pass


  • $12 per class