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couples massage

lindsey clear, lmt tells about our blissful couples massage. book a couples massage for any special occasion. it doesn’t have to be with your significant other – it can be with your family or friend – anyone you care about. enjoy this hour and a half to indulge in each others company while getting pampered from the massage therapists at …

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May 2011 Specials

Introducing 4 Days of healing save $30 1 Hour Yoga Private for $30. Up to 2 people can enjoy this treat! (Regularly $45 for members) Bowenwork® For Two with Melita $50 (regularly $75 for members) 4 Days of Healing In May Save $30 Ever want to check in to a retreat center so that you can focus on your self …

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asana of the month

anantasana or side-reclining leg lift benefits: stretches the backs of the legs stretches the sides of the torso tones the belly gives a gentle compression to the liver while doing pose on right side beginners tip: if you still feel unstable with your soles pressed to a wall, wedge a bolster against your back. namaste!

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