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Restorative Yoga ~Sundays 3:30pm

Need something to help you start your week? Try our relaxing Restorative Yoga class; where your sure to release tension and stress! Restorative yoga postures use several props, such as bolsters, pillows and blankets to support the body in restful positions. These poses are held longer than in other yoga classes to enhance the release of tension related to stress, muscular tightness, …

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Dharma Flow Sundays at 2-3pm

Have you tried Dharma Flow on Sundays? Each Sunday we have a rotating teacher for our Dharma Flow Yoga class. This class is an opportunity to reflect and connect your mind, body, and spirit through gentle movement, breath-work, and meditation. Hit your reset button and set the tone for your week by joining Elizabeth, Niina, Heather or Emily for Dharma Flow each …

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Peak Pose Yoga -New Class!

Coming in November: Peak Pose Yoga! Play with us on Saturdays 12:45- 1:45pm for our Peak Pose class! This one Hour class will delve into a “Peak Pose – Peak Experience” for the full duration of the class. Postures that are supportive of a peak pose are examined and practiced along with alignment tips and room to play. Yogis of …

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