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Herbs For Cooking

Detox Made Easy – How to do an at-home Ayurvedic cleanse

By Molly Culleton The change of season marks an important time to check in and modify our daily routines according to what is going on around us. Fall brings cold and dry elements and we are called to warm up and build our reserves in preparation for winter. If not, we may feel restless, ungrounded, anxious and run down, especially …

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Marilyn Hastings Of Guided Services Gets Creative!

When experienced therapist get creative, you get some much more! No two bodies are alike. Perhaps your body needs these Marilyn inspired sessions. Marilyn’s 2 Hour Chakra Balancing & Massage: Experience a 1 hour Custom Massage, followed by 1 hour of Reiki Energy Healing on the energy centers (7 chakras) of the body. Marilyn’s Custom Massage uses a combination of …

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Yoga For Kids Of All Ages

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds Yoga Is For EVERYbody and we have kids classes to prove it First lets start before baby arrives! BlissMama Prenatal Yoga is a practice for mothers-to-be that includes breathing, meditation, movement, and deep relaxation to support the pregnant body and mind during this magical journey. BlissMamas will connect with their babies and reunite with their inner wisdom …

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