Sharon Blackmer

Yin Yang ComboPolarity BalancingSharon’s Polarity / Reiki Combo

Sharon’s journey into blended Energy Work (Polarity Balancing, Reiki, Essential Oils, yoga, sound therapy and other modalities) started with trying to help relief anxiety and stress in her autistic son’s life. Using Polarity Balancing, Reiki, E.O., etc. has brought calm and balance to their lives.

The “gentle-hands on” of Polarity Balancing, Reiki, and the other modalities’ impact has been extremely helpful to Sharon’s family. Relieving stress, anxiety and bringing a peacefulness are just some of the benefits.

Certifications: CYT, Reiki Master, Certified Polarity Balancing, Certified Reflexologist, Certified AromaTouch Technique–

Email: or phone: 304-413-0270 (Bliss Office)