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Sarah’s Fall Transformation Special

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Bask in Bliss for 90 glorious minutes of a session with Sarah that will leave you feeling pampered and prepped for Fall!

As the weather changes, there are other natural patterns that affect us – day and night, new moon and full moon, and the seasons. The trees begin to change color and shed their leaves in transition from the beautiful fall to cold winter. This is the time to reflect on change, and that we too should pay attention to our bodies during this transition.

Aroma Touch is a gentle massage employing 8 highly therapeutic essential oils that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and designed to help you experience deep relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief along with enhanced immunity. AromaTouch treatments are perfect for the change of seasons. In this session, a peppermint-sugar foot scrub and a foot reflexology treatment is also added.

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To contact Sarah for more information call her at (304) 685-1120

This session is 90 minutes for $107 for members and non-members.