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Private Yoga: When A Group Class Is Not For You

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Why schedule a Private Yoga?

Some people are not wanting a group class. The reasons can be varied too! An injury is making you cautious. You want to see if you like yoga first. Large groups make you self conscious or nervous. You learn better one on one.

– Members’s Private Yoga If you participate in our Bodywork Membership plan you can use one of your “benefits” for a basic Private Yoga. This is a basic class but offered as a private session. It can be useful to go over poses that are offered in a group class. If the client is looking for specific instructions on modifications to address an injury or limitation a more comprehensive yoga therapy session will be suggested.

– Yoga Therapy With Melita Yoga is a form of self-care. Sessions are ideal for developing a personal Yoga or Meditation practice, or for addressing specific health challenges, such as chronic conditions, recovery from treatment or injury, and structural imbalances that lead to pain and dysfunction.
Yoga Therapy sessions assists by giving you Yoga poses that translate into daily practices that help you move better and with less pain.
Yoga Therapy sessions can help with many conditions. Read More here

– Couples Private Yoga Session With Rebecca Herod A 90-minute, private yoga session for two designed by Rebecca Herod to enhance the bonds of love, trust, and friendship. A perfect opportunity to share movement, breath, sacred space, and time with a friend, spouse, partner, family-member, or loved one. Not just for romantic couples, but for all people desiring a deeper and more intimate human connection. Sessions support the building of open, honest communication, trust, and intimacy and include a 15-minute savasana with hands-on Reiki and post-yoga chocolate. Essential oils may be incorporated for anointing. A wonderful gift for the newly engaged or married, mothers/fathers and daughters/sons, and besties. LGBTQ safe space.

– Goddess Yoga Private With Rebecca HerodReclaim, invoke, enhance, or recharge your feminine energy in this private session. Flowing and static poses will strengthen and release tension in the muscles of the hips, low back, and belly. Asana, mudra, and mantra will energetically engage the root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras. Essential oils may be incorporated for anointing. This private session can be taught with hands-on assists or be tailored for trauma-sensitive students. A 15-minute savasana will include hands-on Reiki or voice-guided, yoga nidra/meditation for trauma-sensitive clients. Rebecca creates a healing, supportive, and safe place for all genders to express and balance their sacred feminine energy. Grounding, life affirming, and nurturing.

– Colleen’s Intuitive Yoga Private Colleen is a certified health coach, wellness professional and yoga teacher who is passionate about helping people live healthy, vibrant, authentic lives. She draws upon her 20 plus years of yogic exploration, graduate degree in exercise science/biomechanics, and professional experience in helping people thrive by uniting all aspects of being – body, mind, spirit and more! Colleen weaves together her understanding of yoga, mindfulness and whole person wellbeing to give clients practical tools to fully optimize health, vitality, and connection.

– Molly’s Ayurvedic Coaching Follow Up and Yoga Private Molly offers this combination sessions include 45 minute Ayurvedic follow-up consultation plus 45 minute private Dosha Yoga session. Get in balance for the season with this practice designed for your dosha and the season.

We also offer Yoga Parties. We see families wanting a private group practice as well as bridal parties and women’s groups wanting do to something fun and different, reunions … all occasions. This is a private yoga class for you and up to 6 guests. Contact Bliss to book your party.