Mary Angel Blount

Mary Angel Blount, MFA, RYT, comes to yoga from a roundabout route. Before she started training to be a yoga instructor, she taught college English for 23 years. “When I discovered yoga in the 1990s, I was teaching creative writing and composition. I was amazed at yoga’s effect on creativity,” she says. “Yoga lowered my self-criticism, so I could feel freer to create.” She continues: “Yoga is also phenomenal for stress, particularly the stress related to ADD. My ADD made my mind race while my body felt sluggish. Yoga speeded up the energy in my body and slowed down the energy in my mind. It was the perfect fix! More than that, it was bliss!”

In addition to teaching a variety of hatha/vinyasa yoga classes at Bliss Bliss Bliss such as Gentle Yoga and Bliss Flow, Mary Angel also teaches Chakra Yoga, a 75-minute class that includes chakra assessment & balancing, journaling, chanting, meditation, and asana. “The two forces running through our bodies—the liberation current and the manifestation current—are always fluctuating and thus, in constant need of balancing. Chakra Yoga helps us to balance our energy and dissolve our blocks to love and creative bliss.”

Certification: YTT 200

Contact: 309-287-6271 (cell)