Mary Angel Blount

Specialty: RiverFlow

Mary Angel Blount, MFA, RYT, comes to yoga from a roundabout route. Before she started training to be a yoga instructor, she taught college English for 23 years. “When I discovered yoga in the 1990s, I was in a creative writing master’s program and I had a lot of stress. I was amazed at how much yoga helped. My mind is always racing and my body fairly still. Yoga speeded up my body and slowed down my mind. It was the perfect fix!”

Mary Angel’s specialty is yoga for creativity. “I am fascinated by yoga’s effect on creativity. Our natural state is creative, so when we reduce stress, we remove obstacles to our natural creativity. Like energy, creativity is already in the body or in the experience, we just have to make space for it.” Her workshop Riverflow: Yoga for Creativity combines creativity access with yoga, breathwork, chanting, and meditation.
She also teaches a variety of regular yoga classes, Gentle Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Yoga Express, Good Morning Sunshine, and Vinyasa Flow.

Certification: YTT 200

Contacts: 309-287-6271 (cell)