Basmati Rice with Moong DhalKtchadi is a classic meal for those following an ayurvedic detoxification protocol. Even if you are not “detoxing”, Ktchadi is a delicious Tri-Doshic (good for anyone) Recipe.

4 Cups of green or yellow mung dal (whole or split)
3 cups of white basmati rice
2-3 inches of fresh ginger, peeled
4 tblsp of fresh shredded unsweetened coconut
2 handfuls of fresh cilantro leaves
4 tblsp of ghee (clarified butter)
1 heaping tblsp of fennel seeds (crushed)
1 heaping tblsp of coriander seeds (crushed)
1 heaping tblsp of cuman seeds (crushed)
1 tsp of mustard seeds
2 heaping tblsp of cardomon powser (or 10 pods)
Salt to taste
1 tsp black pepper
1-2 tsp of turmeric
3 bay leaves
1/8 cup of lime juice

Wash and then soak mung dal overnight. Wash again in the morning. Wash the rice until water is clear.
In blender liquefy cilantro, fresh ginger and coconut with some water.
Heat a large saucepan and add the ghee, fennel, coriander, cumin, mustard, cardamom and black pepper. Be sure the ghee does not smoke.
When the mustard seeds have started to pop, add the liquefied ginger, coconut, and cilantro.
Mix on medium heat for 5 minutes and then add the bay leaves, turmeric and salt. Stir until lightly browned.
Stin in the mung dal and rice.
Pour in about 8 cups of water, bring to boil and then simmer at medium low heat, lightly covered until the water has evaporated and the rice and dal are soft and unctuous.
Add the 1/8 cup of lime juice and if needed add more water. Cook another 20-25 minutes until done.

Serve kitchadi topped with a squeeze of fresh lime and a sprinkle of coconut and more cilantro leaves.

When ever we eat and especially during an elimination diet, a detox or a fast from certain foods, it is essential to eat our meals with intention and grace.

Chew carefully and eat with pure awareness and gusto! Eating can be a meditation! Karyn Chabot

Why Kitchadi?
This is often call “food of the Gods”. It is considered a perfectly balanced food that is easy to digest, imparts strength, vitality and deeply nourishes all the tissues of the body.
Kitchari has been used for centuries in India as the ultimate food to mono-fast on for 1day or longer.

Thank you Karyn Chabot from Sacred Stone for sharing this delightful and delicious recipe.

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds