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Energy Energy Everywhere

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Being a big fan of the concept of energy, I am always on the lookout for explanations on how energy is measured, consumed, felt.

You and I both know that we have this energy that we create from the nourishment we get. This is the biochemical reaction where the energy is release by an enzymatic loop where ATP is converted to ADP.

The funny thing is that science measures this to be about only 20% of what the body actually produces but they are unsure how or where the other percentage comes from.

So where do we get the rest? We all FEEL energy.  We can feel like NOT going to shopping or to a large gathering of strangers or to a party because the energy around the space is not in tune with what you need. Energy sensitives, introverts and extroverts alike know what activities refuel them or “fill their cup”.  Talk to the emergency room health care worker, teacher or bar tender and they will report how the Moon effects energy as well.

When I first started exploring the energy found in crystals, I bought a flat of large rocks and would come home from work and pick one rock (raw crystal) at random, lay that rock on my exhausted belly and just see where my thoughts would travel. Then I would pick up reference book and see what the book had to say about that crystal.

An amazing thing is that I would notice that my thoughts would be traveling in the same direction as the things the reference book said that crystal was said to support. WOW!


So next time you pick out a crystal just cause it is pretty, or it fits in your hand so well, or because it just makes you feel good, rest assured that that subtle energy is working to support you. Fantastic!