Smudging is a practice to purify and protect

Smudging has been part of spiritual rituals dating back thousands of years. We often smudge during workshops at Bliss. This “smudging” practice is the burning of herbs and other plants to create a sacred space. American Indians and other indigenous peoples hold smudging ceremonies in which sacred plants, such as cedar, lavender, sage, sweet grass, and yerba santa, are burned. In India resins like Frankincense or Myrrh are burned.

We love the cleansing smoke of a smudge in the way that it bathes the body and purifies the spirit, restores balance and eliminates negative energy. Burning incense and diffusing essential oils can also serve to purify a space and lighten the mood.

Sage smudge stick, bright polished rainbow abalone shell and palo santo smudging sticks

We offer a wide assortment of smudges, incense sticks, oil and resins at Bliss. The #BlissShop is open before and after your private session or yoga classe.