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Crystals Bring The Energy Of Geometry To Life

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Crystal Grid For Abundance

True story,

Deep into the night, the full moon insisted that i heed the call, to bring forth from the silence a class on crystals and their energy. To weave a creation script for us all to embody

Create Sacred Space

Abundance & Prosperity! Lets dive into the perfect grid and crystals to support our lives in this way. We will learn all about the sacred geometry that will be the back drop of our grid. We will also learn about and go home with a full set of crystals that will be part of this grid. You will hone in on the intentions, the emotions and the subtle blocks that can be behind an abundance mindset. This class helps you understand the roles of specific crystalline structures, like attractor, enhancer, & guardian that fill your grid with meaning and potent energy. Your crystals will be fully charged with our end of class ceremony.

Your 3 hours include:

  • A grid
  • Full Set of Crystals For Abundance
  • A grid ceremony
  • Teaching on each crystal and possible substitutions
  • Abundance mindset and emotional body fact sheet

When: Saturday 3/21/20 @ 12:30
Price: $66

Crystal Grid For Abundance

Note:Come a few minutes early to get your favorite cup and brew some tea.