Exfoliating the truth about Sugar and Salt Scrubs

We do offer Sugar and Salt Scrubs. Here are some benefits

3 Benefits of Scrubbing:

    1. Exfoliation: Salt and Sugar are both skin-friendly crystals that help lift and remove old dead or dry skin from our bodies. Salt crystals are square in structure where sugar is slightly less angular therefore giving a gentler exfoliation. By using these scrubs dirt and excess oils are removed from the surface leaving you with a fresh smooth face! Sugar is a natural humectant which gives your skin a wonderful quenched feeling. Salt can leave you feeling dry after a scrub, but for those who have oily complexions this would be an excellent alternative to other facial products.
    2.  Rejuvenation: We continuously strive to look younger and fresh as if we just stepped out of a shower, but this look typically leads to a long routine of multiple facial products. Salt and Sugar give us this clean look with only one product! The exfoliating circular motion enhances blood circulation which increases the collagen production. The skin is regenerated and these scrubs tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles. Sugar contains Glycolic Acid which encourages skin cells to grow faster creating a higher cell turn over so that you always have fresh new skin! It also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are anti-agin compounds. Skin regeneration is key when trying to obtain even skin tones and soft textures. This gives you that “healthy glow” look.
    3. Cleansing: Scrubbing with salt and sugar increases the flow of oxygen and other nutrients in the skin which helps heal and prevent skin problems from the inside out! The humectant properties of sugar can decrease symptoms like eczema and psoriasis. Scrubs lift and remove dead skin cells which harbor dirt, pollution and damage from sun exposure. Salts and more specifically Epsom salts contain magnesium which reduce inflammation and sulfates flush out toxins. Slats have antiseptic qualities that kill bacteria and help reduce itching and pain associated with bacterial-skin diseases.