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Yoga may be better at reducing anxiety and lifting mood than other forms of exercise, study finds

article from the vancouver sun LOS ANGELES — Yoga has many proven health benefits, but does it stand up to other forms of exercise? Researchers pitted it against a walking routine and found that those who practiced yoga showed greater improvements in mood and anxiety. Researchers randomly assigned 19 people to an Iyengar yoga program and 15 to a metabolically …

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a new home for blissblissbliss

AS OF DECEMBER 1, 2010, WE WILL BE IN A NEW HOME! Address: 3101 About Town Place, Bldg. 3000, Morgantown, WV 26508 The new location is just east of Mountain View Elementary School on Greenbag Road. As you enter the main parking area, our building is set back to the left. Look for the purple BlissBlissBliss sign! For more information, …

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Positive Psychological Changes From Meditation Training Linked to Cellular Health

The University of California, Davis, issued the following news releaseabout a study appearing in * Psychoneuroendocrinology*: Positive psychological changes from meditation training linked tocellular health. Positive psychological changes that occur during meditation training areassociated with greater telomerase activity, according to researchers atthe University of California, Davis, and the University of California,San Francisco. The study is the first to link positive …

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