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90 year old yoga teacher

At 90 years old, most people can barely move a muscle, but one age-defying great-grandmother can bend and flex her entire body — and she even teaches classes on contorting. Gladys Morris, who turned 90 on Jan. 31, is a longtime yoga instructor at the Shaw Lifelong Learning Centre in Oldham, England, where she teaches weekly Hatha yoga classes on …

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Ayurveda for strains, sprains & sore throats

At BlissBlissBliss we are fascinated with and always learning more about Ayurveda. Here is what Ayruveda say’s about Sprains and Strains: A sprain (involving ligaments) is a pitta condition and involves pain, swelling and blackish-bluish discoloration. A strain (involving tendons) is a vata condition and affects the muscle tissue and involves pain. Wrap it up, Drink some juice, Soak it, …

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asana of the month

camatkarasana – “wild thing” benefits: opens up chest, lung, and shoulder areas opens the front of the legs and hip flexors builds strength in shoulders and upper back cautions/contraindications: carpal tunnel syndrome rotator cuff injuries preparatory poses: adho mukha svanasana – downward-facing dog dhanurasana – bow pose vasisthasana – side plank pose namaste

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