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Rich Foods

Food Relationships: 3 Easy Ways to Balance Your BlissBody With Ayurveda

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds Every so often we get hit with not feeling right about what we have been eating. We might feel bloated, our sleep patterns may have changed, digestion is hampered and our bodies have been sending us signals that it is not happy. We know that what we eat affects how we feel. We all have experienced this. …

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The Well Rounded Ashtanga Yoga Program

By Mary Jo Schick Ashtanga Yoga was developed by K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009).  It is a set sequence of postures (asanas) linked together by movement and breath (vinyasa), complemented by ujayi breathing, gazing points (drishti) and moving from a strong core (bandhas).  These practices collectively form the 5 elements of Ashtanga Yoga.  One of the goals of Ashtanga Yoga is …

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Happy New Year 2012 Bliss Friends & Family

Thank you all of you who have found and or continued to stay with us in our new location at BlissBlissBliss this past year. With every visit we welcome you as more than clients. Because of the intimate nature of our work, you are family to us. Thank You Dear Bliss Family for sharing your time with us and spreading …

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