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Wandering Warriors

Wandering Warriors is for children ages 8-12 years of age. This is designed as a 2 class series with each class focusing on a tenant of yoga, (ie: gratitude) and we explore it through journaling, a craft or a game while also moving through yoga poses and exploring breathing techniques for different purposes. Kids will build on each class although …

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What Animal Spirit Is Your Guide

Ever notice that you always see a particular animal or bird no matter where you are? Notice that this creature shows up exactly when you need it to as a source of comfort. We call this a animal totem or animal spirit guide. Anyone can have a guide. You can have multiple guides. An animal/spirit guide will intrigue and resonate. …

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Do You Smudge?

Smudging is a practice to purify and protect Smudging has been part of spiritual rituals dating back thousands of years. We often smudge during workshops at Bliss. This “smudging” practice is the burning of herbs and other plants to create a sacred space. American Indians and other indigenous peoples hold smudging ceremonies in which sacred plants, such as cedar, lavender, …

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