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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips: Seasonal Eating For January

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds Many western doctors and and professionals who focus on nutrition and wellness extoll the benefits of eating seasonally. Eating seasonally is also an approach favored in the ancient science of Ayurveda. When we chose to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle, we are urged to eat with the seasons and according to our dosha. The logic behind seasonal eating …

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The Steam Tent Offers A Spa Experience With Therapeutic Benefits

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds With the colder weather adding steam to your massage can be just the right add-on to your session. Adding Steam to your massage is not just a spa treatment. Steaming the body is used to assist in healing by offering: Relief from Generalized Pain & Chronic Pain Stress Reduction Detoxification Enhanced Mood Increased Immunity Weight Loss Improved …

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Food Relationships: 3 Easy Ways to Balance Your BlissBody With Ayurveda

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds Every so often we get hit with not feeling right about what we have been eating. We might feel bloated, our sleep patterns may have changed, digestion is hampered and our bodies have been sending us signals that it is not happy. We know that what we eat affects how we feel. We all have experienced this. …

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