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Coming to Bliss in June: Champissage

by Susan Walsh Champi” is a Sanskrit word meaning “massage of the head.” Indian Champissage is a simple, safe and highly beneficial therapy that has been popular on the Indian subcontinent for over a thousand years. The head, neck, shoulders and upper back areas (where tension is more likely to accumulate) are gently, firmly and rhythmically massaged until the pressure …

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Valentines Season Is The Perfect Time To Schedule A Couples Massage

Celebrate a special event with a friend, family member or partner. Our couples massage package is designed as the perfect bonding experience. Start with a 1/2 hour reflexology treatment while enjoying a light snack. Follow with a full hour massage treatment. Booking this type of session requires some planning on the part of many couples. Getting off work at the …

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Ayurvedic Yoga & Lifestyle: A Seasonal Class

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds & Lauren Stinespring What makes up an ayurvedic lifestyle and Why would I want to lead my life with that in mind? The American Institute of Vedic studies writes that; Ayurveda teaches us that each thing in the universe is composed of a particular substance. Each substance has its specific attributes and actions, which have a unique …

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