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Spring Cleanse: Can Ayurveda Offer a Simpler Solution

By Lauren Stinespring & Elizabeth Halliday Reynolds How do you feel when you are in a clean, clutter free environment? Relaxed… in tune… happy … Probably! In Ayurveda we understand that to spring clean the complex and magical human body we need to consider the WHOLE BODY. When we step back and take a second look at our bodies we …

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Five Techniques For Reducing Stress & Increasing Happiness

Republished From Kathryn Roethel at SFGate Here are five techniques for reducing stress and increasing happiness. Keep a daily gratitude journal, listing items for which you feel grateful. Perform a meditation practice, or simply a few minutes of deep breathing and quiet reflection on something that made you happy. Consider what you can do to achieve that happiness again. Make …

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Local Artist Dina Colada Has Offerings At BlissBlissBliss

Dina Z Colada is an artist, Reiki Master, author and dating coach. She incorporates her spirituality and Reiki practices into every work she creates. When she was in the process of making her Buddha and Lotus prints, the colors and energy of Bliss Bliss Bliss were her inspiration! Every piece is cleared and infused with healing Reiki energy. These prints …

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