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Bliss / Sargasso “Clean” Eating Experience

The Bliss/Sargasso CLEAN Eating Event is Back! We are ALWAYS excited to support this program through Bliss! After the holidays is always a popular time to detox, and The Bliss Sargasso Clean eating event offers you a perfect opportunity to get your body on the right track again. The Bliss/Sargasso CLEANSE is a 21-day, clean eating program based on the …

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The Crystal Body: A Reiki and Guided Meditation With Sound Therapy Experience

We love creating spaces where the group energy can be amplified in healing! Marilyn, Lauren and Elizabeth are so tuned into providing a group event where everyone receives Reiki, surrounded by crystals and sound therapy. We created the Crystal Body so that you can enjoy an hour and 45 minutes of Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation, and Reiki with Crystals. We …

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy for Low Back Pain Workshop

If you (or you know someone who has/does) experience low back pain, this workshop is for you!! In this workshop you will: Learn how to strengthen your low back to help counteract those years of bad posture and bad habits of sitting for extended periods of time that cause our back to be weak and ache. Learn safe stretches to …

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