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New Sunday Afternoon Class Starts In May With Allison Kettering

By Allison Kettering Are you interested in a Power Vinyasa class to celebrate Sunday? Power Yoga is a flowing series of asanas (vinyasa) linked by the breath, designed to build strength and stamina in the body, tranquility in the mind. In this hour and 15 minute class, the flow is vigorous but suitable for all levels with modifications given throughout. …

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Can A Review Of Your Astrological Chart Help You Health?

By Ryan Kurczak Can a Review of your astrological chart help your health? Do you wonder why things just seem to be not flowing easily? Do you wonder when you should change careers? How can you best help your family through a difficult time? These are some questions that a chart analysis can help with. The more you know about …

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Spring Cleanse: Can Ayurveda Offer a Simpler Solution

By Lauren Stinespring & Elizabeth Halliday Reynolds How do you feel when you are in a clean, clutter free environment? Relaxed… in tune… happy … Probably! In Ayurveda we understand that to spring clean the complex and magical human body we need to consider the WHOLE BODY. When we step back and take a second look at our bodies we …

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