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He’s Back! Richard Gardner & Yin Yoga Oct 7!

Many Thanks to Richard for coming back to Morgantown to Teach the Yin Yoga Primer. He will be here Sunday October, 7. Class starts at 4PM. Yin Yoga is revolutionary in its quiet stillness. As opposed to most styles of yoga, which deal with muscle flexibility and activity, a Yin style focuses on stimulating the “chi” in passive connective tissues, …

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7 inspirational Uses For Peppermint Oil

One clever reason to use essential oils over the fresh product is that the extracted oils of the plant pack such a powerful and concentrated dose of all the benefits of the plant. This is why essential oils are so potent. We like using nature as medicine because our bodies do not see natural products as foreign agents. So inflammatory …

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This Wednesday “Introduction to Exploring Past Lives” At 7:15PM

By Tonya Madia BlissBlissBliss in Partnership with New Mystics Enterprises Presents: “Introduction to Exploring Past Lives” on September 19th 7:15-9:00 PM Join internationally acclaimed author Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Tonya Madia, RMT, YT for a informative and lively discussion and workshop. We hope you will join us as we will explore: Past life recall The concept of Soul Mates Healing …

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