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How To Use Your Gift Certificate

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds Did you get a Bliss Gift Certificate? What a beautiful way to start  the new year off! We love it! We might be just as excited as you. While our certificates never expire, we are going to encourage you to not hold off from scheduling your bliss. Imagine how relaxation moves through your body and creates space …

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Oneness Of Mind : Body : Spirit – Oracle Reading 101

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds Life can feel so separated. We go to work, we try and manage our life. We take care of our people. Sometimes and for many, it feels like all the time, the taking care of “the self” takes the back burner. Then when we finally do have some time to go within, we are not sure where …

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Heidi Creates Flow/Storative Yoga – Coming In February

By Heidi I look forward to seeing you in class soon! I have created a hybrid class of 2 of my favorite styles Flow and Restorative. Flow/Storative Yoga Flow/Storative Yoga offers a wonderful blend of rejuvenating movement and restful practices. The first half of class will flow at a gentle pace to coordinate breath and movement while awakening your strength and …

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