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Groundwork – Restorative Yoga Training

The feeling of stillness is peace, the feeling of peace is Joy. Busy, tired, stressed, tense… All are common in our modern-day active lives. Would you like to learn how Restorative Yoga and other relaxation methods can enhance overall health by releasing tension, decreasing stress, and busting the busyness syndrome? Yes, Please! In the Groundwork Restorative Yoga Training, you will …

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Building Success for the New Year – A Workshop

Taking 100% Responsibility for your Life is fundamental to creating a successful life. It is the core principle on which everything else is based. You are creating your experiences, your success, the quality of your relationships, and your health by your thoughts and beliefs, the visual images you focus on, the resulting emotions they create, and your actions….and you have …

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Enlightenment And Other Rubbish About Meditation

Enlightenment, Bliss, Ananda, Nirvana… Oh these words. They are sexy and beguiling and so Hollywood/bollywood with a veneer of ancient “traditions”. We are taught that meditation will bring these things to us with the added bonus of lower cortisol levels, better heart health and a stress response like a chilled out surfer dude. Ask anyone who has ever decided to …

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