Massage Therapy

We offer so many types of massage, energywork, and bodywork because we understand that your body and your lifestyle are unique.

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We offer the biggest variety of yoga styles in Morgantown! We know you will find a style and class that is your Bliss!

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Gift Certificates at Bliss

The perfect gift of bodywork. Our Gift Certificates can be made for any amount. Clients can choose how they spend their gift.

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Visit our Gift Shop!

Visit our shop full of specialty items like Essential Oils, Body-care items, Yoga & Meditation supplies, Local Art, and more!

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At BlissBlissBliss Membership Massage and Yoga, we believe that energy and bodywork should be more than a once in a while treat. To us, touch is a fundamental component of wellness and our prices are designed to support you in getting frequent bodywork. We hope your mind-body benefits at BlissBlissBliss.

Recent Articles From The Bliss Blog

We are passionate about wellness especially how it relates to the many forms of massage, meditation, yoga, energy and bodywork. Our blog posts are a way to share some of the information and knowledge we know can create bliss in your daily life. See our Blog Page for many more articles, posts and video clips.
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Bach Flower Remedies: Slow Down & Keep Calm

These items can be purchased in the BlissShop. Our Shop hours are Monday – Friday, 10-3.

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Chakra Series ~Crown

Your Crown Chakra is located on the top of your head and is violet in color. The Crown Chakra is the energy center that relates to your “clear knowing” and is the center of your connection to the divine. Energy in your Crown Chakra can be affected by your thoughts and beliefs regarding religion or spirituality, divine guidance and trust. A clear and open …

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5 Reasons for Regular Bodywork

Who needs bodywork? Every-body! Bodywork seems like such a luxury sometimes, but it’s something that is affordable and necessary for a balanced life. When you and the people around you are relaxed and less-stressed life is Bliss! Here are 5 legit reasons why you need to book a massage now: Happiness – By releasing tension you reduce anxiety and depression. Better Sleep – …

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