By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Swedish or Deep Tissue? We get this question often. Believe it or not there really is a difference between the two styles. While “Swedish” could be re-named light touch massage to help differentiate it better, that does not quite cover it either. The Swedish style is a series of massage techniques taught in most massage schools. It is known for its long, flowing strokes. Deep is much easier to understand in that the word deep is in there.

But to be sure about what you want or more specifically what your body might need, sometimes it helps if you ask yourself some questions.

Long Strokes Of The Swedish Massage Style.

Are you looking for a nice, relaxing session, where the touch could be firm but you might even be able to fall asleep? Perhaps you carry a little tension in one area (neck, low back) but you do not want someone digging in deep. If this is what you are looking for, then the Swedish style is best for you. – Book The Next Available Swedish Massage¬†–

Focused Work Of A Deep Tisssue Session

Are you feeling as if you are so tense and tight in areas that this is causing headaches? Does your work or workout regimen create areas of tension where only deep pressure and focus work will create the release? Do you want to feel as if someone is “really getting in there?”. If the answer is yes to at least one of these, then Deep Tissue is for you. – Book The Next Available Deep Tissue massage –

Integrative Bliss

Is there something in between? Yes! At Bliss we developed or signature session that combines the two styles. The therapist will use a combination of the two styles based on your feedback. We are going to know where to go deep and where a lighter touch is better. You might have some focus areas that we will spend more time on. We are also going to utilize some awesome tools like hot towels and a few specific to you essential oils. This session is called Integrative Massage.

– Book The Next Available Integrative Massage