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Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word meaning the “science of life”, is India’s 5000 year old medical system. It is often referred to as Yoga’s “Sister Science” as both are rooted in the ancient Vedic tradition. Ayurveda works using nutrition, lifestyle, herbal, and detoxification protocols specific to an individual’s unique constitution. The scope of Ayurveda also includes the practice of Yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. We offer personal consultations and bodywork.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Massage
Ayurvedic Head, Face & Foot Massage
Warm Ayurvedic Oil Massage with Body Scrub
Elizabeth’s Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching & Yoga

You can find more Ayurvedic inspired sessions that include our 2 hour ayurvedic session that includes hand picked sacred stones. See our our spa listings on our booking site.

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