Massage Therapy

We offer so many types of massage, energywork, and bodywork because we understand that your body and your lifestyle are unique. What works perfectly for you during a stressful week may not be what you want to… celebrate your birthday, or prepare for a new child, or support healing from an illness, or train for a marathon.

We encourage our clients to Book a session with Our Specialists to get expert healing hands. Each therapist has taken specialized training  in unique massage therapy methods to give your body that extra Bliss it deserves.

Massage Styles

The best place to see all of our services, events, and classes along with descriptions and prices is to go to our schedule tab on our website. Our services are organized by these categories:

Consultation | Events | Intuitive Services | Massages | Spa | Therapy | Wellness or Integrative | Yoga


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For an appointment call 304-413-0270 or email [email protected]