We like to say that the recipient of a Bliss gift certificates creates positive feels AT LEAST 3 times.

  1. When they open it! How exciting! This gift can be used in so many ways.
  2.  When they book their appointment! Bliss is on the way!
  3. After their appointment when they leave feeling BlissBlissBliss.

Did you know:

1. Our gift certificates can be purchased in any amount.

2. Their gift certificate never, ever expires!

3. Even if they loose it, we can find it (if we know the name of the purchaser).

For Our Clients:


We love what we do and we genuinely want you to enjoy your time at Bliss. Each of us is highly trained and dedicated in our field of expertise. You can choose to use your gift towards yoga, massage, energy work and in the gift shop.


I am always surprised when I come to bliss and leave with more than I expected. When I need help, relief and TLC Bliss is the place I would go to get the treatments I need. – Bliss Client

Buy a gift certificate in ANY amount. We know the recipient will be able to use it in ALL the ways!