By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

There are so many reasons a general yoga class may not be right for you. I could try and list all the reasons, but you know that if you are not coming to a class, you have a reason that is perfect for you and what you really need is options.

Private Classes = time for assists

We have options. Where to start?

If you have a specific teacher at Bliss that you would like to take a private class with based on the style of yoga they have listed on the class calendar, reach out to them via email or call to ask us about their schedule. We offer a $80 yoga private. When you have an active bodywork membership, we offer this session at the $65 rate.

accessible to all – restorative yoga

Some at a glance notes: Do reach out to us to ask about your specifics. We want you to feel welcome to develop a practice.

  • Elizabeth (yin, restorative, gentle, beginner)
  • Heidi (prenatal, mommy and baby, vinyasa, restorative)
  • Jessica (yoga nidra, vinyasa, prenatal, beginner, family)
  • Mary Angel (chakra, gentle, kundalini inspired)
  • Nadia (beginner, advanced poses, traditional hatha)
  • Melita (therapeutic, vinyasa, hot vinyasa).

props will help your home practice

Special Interests: A few teachers have created some specific sessions focused from their training and interests.

Heidi Sherwin has been teaching yoga at Bliss since 2009 and she leads the Moonbow yoga teacher training at Bliss. If you are expecting, you might consider a “Private Yoga for Childbirthsession with Heidi. She can be reached via email at her [email protected].

When your Doctor or PT recommends Yoga Therapy sessions know that Melita ([email protected]) is ready to assist you with yoga poses that that help you move better and with less pain. When you are needing to address specific health challenges like chronic conditions or recover from an injury a Yoga Therapy session with Melita is going to be really supportive.

Mary Angel invites you to her private session. She writes,

Whether you wish to increase your flexibility, strength, or focus–this yoga session is tailored to meet your needs. We will work together to perfect the basics, focus on a specific area, or expand your practice.First, we’ll chat by phone or email/text so we can discover your intention. Then we’ll schedule a session to address your needs and develop a plan for reaching your goals. LGBTQ safe

Jessica offers a Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation Private Session that is going to resonate with the over stressed. This is a unique session where you will be guided to that blissful state between waking and sleeping. Read More.

Private Sessions Create Connection & Community

We love that our private yoga class options give you all the reasons to have a yoga practice.  As you think about scheduling consider these questions. Are you able to release? Are you open to receive?