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August 2020 Edition
See You Soon!
We are working on some new things that will be announced in the next few weeks, so keep opening our mail.

Need A Creative Breakthrough?

Monthly Meditation Is Back

Missing That Loved One?

Session Spotlight & Special Price Thru August 31.

We listened! One drawback to starting an at home yoga practice is access to all the yoga props. The second place where we falter is crafting a session that is unique to our goals. What if you had all the props and you also have the formula on what makes a well rounded class? Read More about this special … 

If you have not been able to find the right opening for bodywork, or you want to come in and shop (we have some free CBD samples with purchase), please call in and leave a message (304-413-0270).

We want to highlight a few “No Mask” options:

We are launching more video classes. Stay Tuned For Our “Living Seasonally” Launch, a Mask On Yoga Class, A Virtual Yin From Your Favorite Zen Master.

Bookmark our Events Page.

If you want to browse our gift shop and are not coming to a private session or yoga class, give us a call to arrange a time. We do love your business, but have never been able to financially support the just “stop in” method. Remember that a message on the phone is required for us to call you back (304-413-0270).