Zach & Rachel

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Specialties:Ashtanga Yoga

Zach and Rachel Dyer met at West Virginia University College of Law during their first year of law school in 2009 and got married in 2013. They welcomed their dear baby daughter, Zoe, to the family in October 2019.

Zach and Rachel are attorneys and also dedicated practitioners of the Ashtanga Yoga traditional method living in Morgantown, WV, USA. In August 2018, they completed a month of practice at KPJAYI in Mysore, India, under the guidance of their teacher R. Sharath Jois. Zach and Rachel are also graduates of the Ashtanga Practioner’s Intensive at Miami Life Center, where they continue to travel to practice under the direction of Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor, among other expert teachers. They also practice with their Level II Authorized Teacher Taylor Hunt of Ashtanga Yoga Columbus as often as possible. In addition, Zach and Rachel have taken classes and workshops with Manju Jois, David Swenson, Richard Freeman, and Dena Kingsberg, among others. It was during their 2016 Registered Yoga Teacher Training with Moonbow Yoga & Wellness, lead instructor Heidi Sherwin, that they began a consistent yoga practice.

Recently, in taking their practices beyond the mat, on January 27, 2019, Zach completed his first marathon, the Miami Marathon, in 3:36:05, finishing in the top ten percent overall: he came in 247th overall out of 2,817 runners. On February 16, 2019, Rachel graduated from Rouxbe Culinary School with a Plant-Based Professional Certification.

Zach and Rachel think consistent practice of yoga and other healthy lifestyle habits can help you experience greater health, happiness, and peace on your path to realizing your full potential.