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My Hips Won’t Bend Like That

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“My Hips Won’t Bend Like That”, “I am not flexible”, ”  can’t …”. Anyone who has come to at least one yoga class will have remembered saying something like this BEFORE coming to class. Once you come to one though, you find out very quickly that you do bend and you bend quite well.

Now that is not to say, you can’t use a little extra. Julie was thinking about this and decided to add some extra input to your physical “conversation” with your hips, spine, and femurs with “The Pelvis Is Everything” workshop.

She writes,

In this workshop we will focus on how our pelvis is supposed to function, the limitations most of us have—including those we’ve imposed—and work on changing our pelvis in common poses to afford more “ah”.

Some yoga experience is required but this workshop will be suitable for beginners.

Date: Aug. 31
Time: 12:30
Duration: 2 Hours
Price: $33

Save Your Spot 

Can’t make this class. Email Julie to book a private session of this workshop. She can be reached at [email protected]