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Yoga Therapy: Private Instruction Just for You!

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What is Yoga Therapy?

Bliss-staff-Laura-250x317by: Laura Blanciforti

Yoga Therapy is a holistic yogic approach to one’s life.

Yoga Therapy is about the whole person. It is an innovative structure for health care complimenting current medical treatment.

By adding yogic philosophy to your life, you become empowered to be proactive in your own health and to transform any lifestyle issues.

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Yoga Therapy takes the stress-reducing benefits of a yoga class to another level. In a safe and private setting, a client and therapist work together to create a personalized plan for an improved quality of life.

In this process the client can embrace the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical areas associated with health challenges.


Initial sessions include discovering personal practices while gathering information to build rapport and create a path of intentional growth.

The approach is custom-fit to the client


Benefit from a Private Session

Some of the conditions supported by Yoga Therapy include: respiratory ailments, heart disease, digestive disorders, depression, anxiety, ADD & ADHD, sleep issues, addiction, pain management, healthy weight management, body image disorders, women’s health issues, energy imbalances, stress management, healthy aging, healthy relationships, and work-life balance.

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