Yoga Private Yummies!

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Have you always wanted to try Yoga but are intimidated by large classes or worried about your ability to do Yoga? Think no more, for it is just Yoga. 
Yoga is something that anyone and everyone can enjoy no matter their physical, emotional, or mental strength. By booking a yoga private you can get a session tailored to your specific needs. Each of our Teachers has a unique quality to to bring to the table.

To find the perfect teacher for your private lesson here is a quickie guide of everyone:

Heidi Sherwin
Bliss-staff-Heidi-250x375Specialties: Women-centered Health and Wellness, Fertility, Prenatal and Postpartum , Restorative yoga, Emotional Balance, Anxiety and/or Depression, Immune System Wellness, Strength and endurance, Heart Health and Stress relief, Toddler and Kid’s Yoga fun, Yoga for Creativity/Artists, and More!
~I began my yoga journey in 1994 during a high school yoga class. Little did I know the profound effect this experience would play in my life. Yoga brings me home. In teaching, I honor the time I share with students and aim to provide a positive space where every student can feel safe and empowered to breathe, move, play, transform, rejuvenate, and ultimately find home in their radiant hearts and peaceful minds.
First-Timer’s Special: 4 pre-paid yoga sessions for $160 (only $40/session).
Heidi is also available for group retreats and workshops.

Laura Blanciforti
Bliss-staff-Laura-250x317Specialities:  Gentle, Seniors, Beginners, Alignment, helping those who have become inflexible, find problems with their balance, and/or who have osteoarthritis or osteoporosis issues.
~Love of helping people to learn basic poses and become exposed to this way of learning to become self-aware.
Intro. Special: 4 pre-paid yoga sessions for $180 (only $50/session).


Nadia Pinna
10351663_10202261804006398_5971756142793992132_nSpecialties: Energy Balancing, Emotional Healing, Linking Yoga with Nature, Yoga for Alignment, Reiki& Yoga Infusion, Yoga for Releasing Pain, Gentle Yoga.
~I came to Yoga naturally and I strive to show others how natural and necessary yoga is for our daily lives. Yoga keeps us centered, balanced, and whole. I also love to take people out into nature to help them connect better with the world around them.
Reiki & Yoga Special: An hour of Restorative yoga accompanied by and hour of Reiki Healing. $75 for Members & Non-Members.

Rebecca Herod
Bliss-staff-Rebecca-250x396Specialties: Teaching beginners, those with limited mobility, and people with high stress or mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.
~Her personal practice has helped her manage her own chronic bipolar disorder and body image issues. She believes yoga is accessible to everyone, at every age, in every stage of life. Her teaching style is welcoming, warm, humorous, playful, and dynamic. She hopes to help students move their practice from the mat into the world through mindful choices in their lives.
Yoga Private Special: $40 per/hour. Available October – March.



Our Regular Yoga private rates are as follows:

  • 60 Minutes: $70 Guests, $55/ 6X Members, & $49/ 12X Members.
  • 90 Minutes: $95 Guests, $80/ 6X Members, & $74/12X Members.

*Although each teacher has a specialty you can book a private under these rates for every teacher. These sessions can be shared with 2 people for the same cost.