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Yin Yang – It Means So Much More Than Balance

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Yin Yang – Yes notice we did not say Yin AND Yang.
This is because Yin Yang are two opposite yet complementary energies. They are interdependent. Yin Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate. Just like your own energy is embodied in energetic frequencies of masculine / feminine, yin / yang, air / ether, fire / water, etc.

We are really excited to announce Yin Yang services featuring Sharon Blackmer and Laura Freeman. In your private sessions you get both Sharon and Laura working side by side offering Reiki or a combination of Reiki and Polarity.

Services are:

  • Yin Yang Reiki 30 Minutes $35
  • Yin Yang Reiki 60 Minutes $70
  • Yin Yang Reiki 90 Minutes $100
  • Deluxe Yin Yang Polarity 90 Minutes $140

Both Reiki and Polarity are light touch healing modalities. Reiki is tuned to the chakra system. Polarity uses sacred geography, the chakra energy currents, the 5 elements and the three doshas of ayurveda.

If you are ready to experience a Yin / Yang session, know that it is an amplified experience like no other. Clients report feeling better faster.

Here is the deal… Sharon and Laura have very flexible schedules but you will need to book with them via email. To secure your session, dash off a note to If you like to book online look for Mondays between 3-5.