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Welcome to Bliss Lila Menzies

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By Elizabeth halliday-Reynolds

You may have met Lila in some of the classes that she has subbed. If you have not, you have 2 golden opportunities each week to get to know her. She will be teaching Power Flow on Mondays at 4:30PM and Wednesdays at 5:30PM.

Lila writes – Power Flow is a powerful and energetic practice of flowing yoga poses with a focus on breath, core strength, cardio, balance and flexibility. Some yoga experience is needed although modifications are available throughout all sequences. Drishti, Bandahs, pranayama and meditation will be explored throughout the class in order to change our state, release negative patterns and come more fully into our authentic selves in the present moment.

Sign Up for Lila’s Classes in advance and be instantly notified should her class ever get cancelled!

I hope you come and enjoy Lila’s cheerful disposition as she calmly yet clearly guides you through an AMAZING class.
PS Call to all Athletes: If you are looking for another class to “feel the power” in yoga – this is the class for you!