2 Yoga Classes ADDED To The Weekly Yoga Schedule

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Fantastic News! Molly is back on the yoga schedule and we are so thrilled.

She will add to the weekday noon line up with Mindful Movement on Mondays. This class starts Monday April 1​st. Then Sangha W/Molly is scheduled starting on May 2nd, Thursday evenings 7 – 8 PM.

Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning “a community of people on the spiritual path”. Yoga practice in the West is well known for its inclusion of the physical postures, called asanas. But did you know, there are 7 other limbs to Yoga practice in addition to the postures?

In this 60-minute class, we will explore beyond the physical aspects of Yoga. Each session will begin with mindful movement to settle our energy and prepare the body for deeper practice. We will then explore various breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques to progress us through the 8 limbs of Yoga. Each class will include time for sharing and reflection. Feel free to bring a journal to keep notes, or a favorite reading to share with the group. See you on the mat.

Both classes are perfect for beginners – no prior experience with Yoga or Ayurveda required.