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Wandering Warriors

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Wandering Warriors is for children ages 8-12 years of age. This is designed as a 2 class series with each class focusing on a tenant of yoga, (ie: gratitude) and we explore it through journaling, a craft or a game while also moving through yoga poses and exploring breathing techniques for different purposes. Kids will build on each class although they will benefit from just one. Classes are April 14 & April 21 1-2PM.

Kid’s yoga is all about overall health and well-being. Introducing children to the importance of breathing and how it affects the body teaches them that with one deep breath a child can learn to calm him or herself and release tension which is all too common in today’s society. Children as young as 2, with modeling from a parent/guardian can learn to do this. In addition to breathing, kid’s yoga teaches poses which improve concentration and build strength and balance. Kids yoga is fun, using stories, games and music.

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