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More About Yoga During The Girls Night Out At Bliss

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by Adrian Kettering

Yoga is a perfect way to prepare your body to be receptive and open.  Just think of what you feel waking from deep relaxation at the end of a wonderful yoga class: joy and clarity.
The 90 minute yoga class for the Wine and Yoga evening will be designed to achieve exactly that feeling.  Most yoga regular classes are 60 or 75 minutes, but 90 minutes really allows your body to first warm up, and then open into deeper poses.  In order to find the depth of hip and hamstring openers, it is important for your body’s muscles to first be used in various poses.  We are going to start by gently warming up our bodies with a free flowing yoga class, which will be very accessible to all levels of yoga practice.  We will then release the areas of our bodies that bring the most joy when they are opened: shoulders, hips and hamstrings.

Through this practice of patience and awareness, we will prepare ourselves for tasting some delicious food and wine.

After the 90 minute vinyasa yoga class. we will enjoy three delicious wines shipped directly from Napa Valley (not available locally), and paired with complementary cheeses, fruits, and chocolates. BUT Space is limited! We have only room for about 10 more of you.

I hope you can join me for Yoga and these excellent wines on Friday, March 23rd at 6:30 PM
Pre registration is required. Cost: $40 per person, $25 without wine – *You are welcome to bring your own beverages.

To Register: Write checks to Yoga for Wellness, and mail payment and names of attendees to:
Adrian Kettering 105 Summit Overlook Drive Morgantown, WV 26508

Adrian can be reached at: [email protected]

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