Vata season

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in ayurveda it’s vata season. leaves are falling off the trees, the wind is kicking up and it’s getting chillier! fall is the time to wrap up in snuggly sweaters with a warm mug of hot tea or cider in hand. if you find yourself starting to feel more airy then it’s a great time to find a moment to just sit and be. grab a mug of your favorite hot drink sit down with your journal and let your thoughts (whatever they might be) starting streaming on paper.

here are a few questions to get your journaling started:

* how am i feeling today?
* what’s currently working/not working for me?
* is there something that i can let go of that is no longer serving my higher purpose?
* write down goals that help you find some more *me* time.

don’t fret when it comes time to transition from the warmer days into the chillier days. here is a great resource (and beautifully done i might add) all about vata season and how to transition with grace and ease. (click on the link above and you will be taken to hey monica b’s website. click the DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE link to get a free copy of her “seasonal bloom” that you can enjoy and share with your loved ones.)

enjoy & namaste,

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