Tween/ Teen Yoga!

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Starting in January 30th Heather Garrison will be hosting Tween Yoga Fridays from 6-7pm; the same time as our Happy Hour Yoga.

Inspired by the Ashtanga Primary Series, this class introduces the practice of flowing through yoga poses to build focus, concentration, and determination. A greater focus on alignment, arm balances, strengthening poses will help them appreciate and understand their growing bodies. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will help Tweens to cope with stress in their every day lives. We will incorporate meditation and mindfulness exercises into the practice as well.

Kids, want a second opinion about this class? Here’s what some of our Tweens say about Yoga:

It hurts, but it cool. – Luke Monti age 11

Its fun, and I feel like I have earned my rest at the end. – Gabby Garrison age 10

When: Fridays 6-7pm
Cost: Use your Yoga Pass for this class
Class Dates:

  • January 30th
  • February 27th
  • March 27th
  • April 24th


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