trying something new

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Dear Friends of Bliss,

With the summer schedule and school age children, I have had to tweak my normal morning yoga routine. Well let’s say my practice did not get tweaked, it stopped dead in it’s tracks! Poor Downward dog!

But a beacon of light happened in my yearning for Yoga and I had the opportunity to take Lela’s Power Yoga Sampler class this past Saturday at 6PM.

“Power Yoga”, now that is not the kind of class I normally gravitate to nor do I see myself as the “power yogi”. Don’t get me wrong, I like to say that I LOVE ALL YOGA, but when it comes down to it, I probably have my secret weakness for the tried and true.
And, I don’t often get to the evening classes and it is a rare weekend night that I am out.

But it was a treat to attend this Saturday class and take yoga at a time when I have normally shifted to my home life. It was really amazing to welcome yoga into my body at that hour.

It got me wondering how many of our Yogi’s have also seen a STOP to their normal practice due to the beautiful weather, the garden, summer routines and the like?

The funny thing about me, once I get out of my routine and try something new, I have to try it again.

So planner that I am, I have set a challenge for myself to each week, try a new or revisit a class at a time that I normally don’t schedule for yoga.

I hope, like me, you will be able to squeeze in a class during a time that you normally don’t practice, open your heart and your practice to a new teacher and learn more about your Yoga Body.

I know I did. Thank You Saturday Samplers! Thank you Lela for offering a class that made me laugh at myself and feel strong at the same time.