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Trunk Show: Reiki & The Chakras

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March 26th | 12:30 – 1:30pm
Cost: $20

– Register Early –

Have you ever wished you could feel the energy and magic that exisits in this world? I mean, really feel….

This magic and energetic vibration is coursing through all live beings, inanimate objects, and we only need to tune in to connect.

This Reki & The Chakras workshop is meant to share knowledge about Reiki, Chakras, and energy fields.

We will focus on learning about the different practices that work with subtle energies and how each practice is best suited for the individual. We will explore of each of the seven chakras and how they influence us in our day to day lives. Everyone will be able to play with “energy orbs” or “lines” and even feel the gentle touch of Energy Healing. Techniques for tapping into the energetic map will also be taught.

From this workshop you will walk away with:

  • A deep and intimate understanding of each Chakra
  • Exercises for Aura Protection
  • Experiencing first hand, the power of Reiki and Chakra cleansing
  • Feeling and playing with subtle energies

This class is perfect for new learners and even Reiki Masters.


More about Nadia Caterina:

I have been teaching Chakra Flow Yoga for three years at BlissBlissBliss and has also shard Reiki Healing with many adults and kids. Before taking my Yoga Teacher training and Reiki Master attunement I have always has a strong connection to the earth, the animals, and specifically the plants. After learning and practicing for years I was happy to find like-minded individuals who not only understood the deep inner need to connect with nature on a regular basis, but people who could teach me more about how to connect, interpret, and share these experiences.

For my life’s Soul Purpose, I hope to connect as many people back to their nature roots and to share in all of this great world of wonder and love.