Tibetan Medicine & Healing

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Kyle really has helped me with some health problems I have been having. So many little changes that they are to many to list These changes though have really made a difference. I really appreciates the time he takes to listen to me and find it fascinating that he can tell so much by taking my pulses before and after our sessions  ~Bliss Client


Tibetan medicine is a kind and gentle approach to healing the body. Kyle Weaner starts the session by asking questions about your health concerns and lifestyle patterns. He gets down to the nitty-gritty of you, and from his intensive training of Tibetan medicine he is able to select the perfect remedy for your body.

This healing pathway is an ancient healing science, which utilizes a holistic, compassionate approach to wellness of the body and mind. The system is known for its elaborate techniques of pulse reading and urine analysis, which inform the practitioner of the balance of body and mind in the client.


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