The Way of The Spirit – An ancient Yogic Healing Ritual

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By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Join us in welcoming Maruti Seidman, Director of the Polarity Balancing Center of Boulder, CO and Author of “A Guide to Polarity Therapy”, “Balancing the Chakras”, “Jewels of the Spirit”, and “The Whispers of Your Soul”.
For a Very Special 1 Day Class:

The Way of Spirit Healing Ritual will immediately make you energetic and connect you deeply to Spirit. This ancient yogic ritual will lead you to a deep state of meditation, clear your Chakras of all negativity, harmonize your internal subtle energies, balance all of your negative karma and permanently connect you to the Universal Love Energy that is in everything and everywhere. – Maruti

The healing techniques being taught will engulf the body with Universal White Light Energy. This process will remove the energetic cause of ALL disease immediately from the body. This ritual and technique is unique and it will be a huge Spiritual blessing for everyone that attends.

COST: $108.
TO REGISTER (toggle for classes then enter the search term “Spirit”: . Registrants need to SEND A $50 DEPOSIT TO: MARUTI SEIDMAN P.O.BOX 3175 BOULDER, CO. 80307. 303-746-3882

Want to learn more about Polarity Balancing? Maruti is offering a 2 day class on Polarity Balancing that is open to anybody
Look for a post soon about Private sessions or contact